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Dongguan Ousite Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development manufacturer specializing in plastic forming auxiliary equipment and system countermeasures. We have always been committed to creating international high standard design quality requirements, based on the high-end plastic auxiliary machinery industry in China. We use our professional team to design various non-standard equipment and high demand design and installation for customers. Customers include: electrical industry, plastic molding industry, plastic granulation industry, extruded tube (sheet) material industry, blow molding industry...

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The central feeding system adopts a vacuum conveying method, and the plastic raw materials are transported from the storage tank to the central dehumidification and drying system through a centrali...
Dehumidification and drying machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can be used for dehumidification and drying. Dehumidification dryer can be divided into different types according to diffe...
In industrial production, due to the strong hygroscopicity of many raw materials, it is necessary to use a dehumidification dryer to dehumidify and dry it, to ensure that the moisture content of ra...
Dryers are also very popular in our lives, dehumidification dryers and ordinary dryers are two particularly good products, these two products are also very different. The dehumidification dryer has...
The operating principle of the central rendezvous feeding system is to select the vacuum conveying method, and then transport the plastic material from the storage tank to the central dehumidificat...
A dehumidification dryer is a practical appliance that can help solve the problems caused by humid environments. But among the many models and brands, it can be a little confusing to choose the rig...
A dehumidification dryer is a type of equipment specially designed to remove excess moisture from the air, which is widely used in homes, offices, industrial and commercial places. It plays an impo...
How to maintain the center feeding system?The central feeding system is attributed to automated intelligent equipment, which replaces the traditional manual feeding. Save money and be more efficien...
What are the advantages and characteristics of plastic dehumidification dryer in centralized feeding system?Centralized feeding system plastic dehumidification dryer is mainly used for industrial p...
The dehumidification dryer is mainly used in industrial production to dehumidify and dry plastic raw materials, especially engineering plastics with strong hygroscopicity. So, what to do when the d...
The central feeding system is designed for the production of injection molded products, and realizes uninterrupted unmanned continuous molding operations. The combination of raw materials and multi...
Why does the fan of the centralized feeding system not rotate and vibrate too much?The centralized feeding system is designed for the production of plastic products in the injection molding worksho...

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